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CSW is a dynamic expression of all ranges of unarmed combat to include Kicking, Punching, Clinching, Tackles, Throws and Takedowns. 

Combat Submission Wrestling at Team Crossface

At Team Crossface we blend Jun Fan Gung Fu with Thai Boxing, Savate, Kali, Judo and Wrestling, along with techniques and submissions from Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo and CatchAsCatchCan.

An eclectic, explosive and exciting fusion of arts which trains the individual to strike, clinch, takedown, and submit on the ground in either mixed martial arts, or self-defense.

Knowledge from the source in Califonia, taught on the mats at Team Crossface Watford.

CSW was developed by Sensei Erik Paulson in Los Angels, California USA. Erik gained worldwide fame competing in many no-holds-barred tournaments and has trained under such noted instructors as the Machado Brothers, Rickson Gracie, Larry Hartsell, Yorinaga Nakamura, Gene Lebell and the legendary Guru Dan Inosanto.

David Lee has been a student of Erik’s for the past 15 years, bringing the knowledge and experience of CSW system from Fullerton HQ in California to Team Crossface in Watford. Erik is a regular visitor to the Crossface Academy for seminars..

Crossface watford bjj
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Crossface watford mma
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