Team CrossFace

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Mixed Martial Arts at Team Crossface

The MMA teaching at Team Crossface holds no boundaries. Stand up striking, close quarter clinching / striking and ground fighting is all part of this non stop class.

You will learn the fundamentals of Boxing / Muay Thai / Kickboxing, close quarter ‘Dirty boxing’, Submission wrestling and whole lot more.

Bringing real experience, fighting in the biggest promotions worldwide to the cage at Team Crossface

With Pad Work, Technical Drills, Submission and Positions - The MMA class will make you a fully rounded martial artist, able to beat the striker with grappling and beat the grappler with striking!

Team Crossface Fighters

david lee crossface

David Lee

(12 / 9 / 2)

Current FUSION FC Featherweight Champion
Current Bushido Challenge Champion
UFC 63 & 70 Veteran
BAMMA Veteran
Cage Gladiators & Cage Rage Veteran
Former UCMMA Featherweight Champion

Charlie Leary Crossface MMA

Charlie Leary

(13 / 7 / 1)

Current FCC Lightweight Champion
Current Phoenix FC Lightweight Champion
Current BCMMA Lightweight Champion
Current BUDO FC Lightweight Champion
Former UCMMA Lightweight Champion
BAMMA Veteran
Cage Warriors Veteran

Hayden Critchfield Crossface MMA

Hayden Critchfield

(9 / 8 / 0 / 1NC)

Current KAYO MMA Lightweight Champion
BAMMA Veteran
Cage Warriors Veteran
Pro Kumite Lightweight Champion


Scott Hunt Crossface MMA

Scott Hunt

(6 / 2 / 0)

Current TMT Lightweight Champion
Current TMT Featherweight Champion
KAYO MMA Veteran

shah hussain crossface

Shah Hussain

(9 / 11 / 0 / 1NC)

Current Pro Kumite Middleweight Champion

Martin Hudson crossface

Martin Hudson

(4 / 2 / 0)



Sam Patterson Crossface MMA

Sam Patterson

Amateur (6 / 1 / 0)


Omar Sargent Crossface MMA

Omar Sargent

Amateur (1 / 0 / 0)


Mitchell Johnson Crossface MMA

Mitchell Johnson

Amateur (1 / 4 / 0)



Carl Hunt Crossface

Carl Hunt

(3 / 2 / 0)

KAYO MMA Veteran

Reese Stocker Crossface

Reece Stocker

(1 / 0 / 0)

KAYO MMA Veteran
2 x Royal Rumble Champion



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Crossface watford mma
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